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There are over 30 PR agencies in Edinburgh, ranging from top companies that work with global brands through smaller agencies and freelancers working from home. 

As Edinburgh has a strong financial industry, many of the agencies carry experience in the financial sector and financial PR.

There are in addition around 200 marketing companies around the city that offer PR as part of a range of marketing services.  

Services such as digital marketing, SEO services, web design and development.  

If you needed web support, there are many website designers in Edinburgh that can support your PR campaign with social media.  

There are several PR companies in Edinburgh that focus solely on the financial industry.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from PR companies in Edinburgh that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Partner

As there are such a wide range of PR agencies in Edinburgh, it makes practical sense to work with one that is based in the city.  

Rather than one from another area of Scotland or even down in England. There are around 100 PR agencies in Scotland,

Although many of them are based in the city as the majority of the business in Scotland goes through it.

It is wise before selecting a marketing partner to work with to visit their offices.  Some companies use ‘virtual addresses’.  

Although you believe they are based in the city, and they have pictures of their offices on the website, they may be based in India. 

Visiting them also gives you the chance to get to know the team there.  To meet the account manager and discuss objectives face to face. 

Review meetings are also wise.  So as to keep check on how the PR firm are doing.  Are they achieving their goals (your goals) and generating profit for you as a result of the campaign.

Industry Experts

Experience counts for everything as far as marketing is concerned.

Selecting a firm that has worked in your market, whether this is PR for fashion, finance, PR for FMCG, fishing, football, or forestry is important. 

All PR companies in Edinburgh will carry different backgrounds.  

Having worked with different clients and on different projects.  So selecting one that has worked in yours, and knows your product/service is very wise. This brings a few different benefits:

  • Speed of results – there will be no learning curve so they will be able to get you quicker results
  • Focus – as they know the media in your market, they will know where to place you
  • Communication – they will be able to talk with authority having worked in your market communicating effectively
  • ROI – they should get you quick return on investment as the three points above will make the campaign profitable

Compare Quotes On Public Relations

Shopping around and comparing quotes is part and parcel of our society and something that most of us have grown used to. 

With price comparison websites in plentiful supply, getting quotes from different companies/suppliers has become a common occurrence.

Unfortunately PR does not have any standard rates.  All PR companies in Edinburgh set their own fees based on their costs and profit margins.

Generally speaking, the larger the agency, the higher their fees.  As their staff costs will be higher, higher office costs, profit margins, and director salaries.

Choosing the right agency will vary from company to company.  

Whether they need a small or niche agency, or global agency with international links.

PR prices will vary considerably; comparing rates is wise so as to not get caught out.

A Few Words About Edinburgh

It is the capital of Scotland and has a population of over half a million according to the Edinburgh council.

The name is thought to have derived from ‘Din Eidyn’ which meant ‘hill fort’ in old Celtish.

The first mention of Edinburgh was in the 12 century when in 1124 King David granted a royal charter to a church in the city. 

There is however evidence of settlements as far back as the Bronze Age.

The old city (around the Royal Mile) stretches down from Edinburgh Castle and the city has grown around it.

In 1603 King James VI succeeded the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland joining the nations into the present state.

The Firth Of Forth made it a strategic and important city in the following years and international trade from Europe, Asia and America came into Scotland.  This was from the growing trade and economy that the merchants were bringing.

Today Edinburgh is more focused on the financial industry and as a tourist destination for the world. 

The Edinburgh Festival is world renowned and brings much publicity and tourism to the city.

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