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PR for airline companies is essential in this growing and competitive industry.  

The difficulty is finding suitable agencies, as all PR companies are different with different industry experience.  

We always advise to talk to agencies that have done PR for airline companies in the past.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR companies that have experience in the airline sector.

UK Airline Industry

The airline is a mixed bag at the moment, seeing a rise in passenger numbers and air freight; yet also struggling in many areas such as fuel costs.

Fuel costs are a big issue for many airlines, taking up around 50% of your operating costs, any rise in fuel prices effects any airline.  

Leading airlines such as BA, Virgin and Emirates all look for savings without becoming a budget airline like Ryanair.  The travel industry council overviews the tourism industry to ensure standards are met.

Events such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland have major adverse effects on the industry, due to the grounding of aircraft.  

Media support can help combat some of these negative media factors.

Air Freight

Air freight plays a big part in the UK aviation industry, due to the amount of goods and products that are imported from abroad.  

Companies like DHL are always looking for ways to market themselves.  

Considering PR for airline companies are an affordable option over TV advertising.

Domestic Travel

Domestic air travel is common place these days, the roads and railways being as they are.

Since the price of holidays abroad came down in the 1980’s, flying off to the Mediterranean for 2 weeks is not unusual.

Business Travel

As with domestic flights, business travel has become more popular in the last decade. 

However as flight costs have gone up businesses are opting for conference calling/webenars/e-mail as opposed to face to face wherever possible.

Marketing In the Industry

Companies in the aviation industry use a wide variety of marketing tools to advertise yourselves. 

One popular area is TV advertising which is used by many of the leading airlines.  Billboard advertising is also something that is very popular, as it is not a targeted form of advertising, very much a shot gun approach, being very visible and perfect for airlines.  

This is another form of marketing, which is very effective.

Sector Based Media Support

This is a big area; not just in terms of communication and creating targeted brand awareness; but also for when issues arise in the form of crisis PR.

The airline industry at times comes to blows with the mainstream media.  Therefore crisis public relations is needed to allow the dust to settle, and prevent damage being done to any problems, making them worse.

PR Agencies With Aviation Experience

It is advisable for companies to work with an agency that has knowledge and understanding of the aviation and transport sector.  Not only will they already have established contacts within the industries media circles, but they will be able to position you within the industry smoothly.

Compare PR Quotes And Shop Around

The main thing to consider when considering agencies is their experience in the industry; however cost is always a factor.  It is wise to shop around as PR prices do vary considerably.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best PR agency for the lowest price.  PR for aviation companies does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see why.

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