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PR for electronics companies is essential in this highly competitive sector.  UK electronics is competing against global companies in low cost countries.  

PR for electronics companies is very important to ensuring growth in the sector.

There are numerous electronics media in the UK media (Electronics Weekly etc.) that are good to get exposure in which will boost your company profile in the UK market.  

This boosts brand awareness which is important for your customers.

Public relations also has the dynamic of online PR, which adds another element to the exposure it brings to businesses in terms of boosting their website presence and SEO.

Choosing An Experienced Agency

As there are so many thousands of PR agencies around the UK, choosing the ‘best one’ is hard, most will ask a friend or an associate business for recommendations (which is very dangerous, as there are no guarantees that someone else’s experience will be fruitful for you).

Knowledge and experience of the industry is something that should be a key factor when deciding who to talk to.  

Does the agency know the UK  industry, have they worked in the industry before, do they know electronics marketing and do they have existing clients in the industry?  PR for electronics companies really needs a PR company that knows the sector.

Comparing a few different PR agencies with electronics experience is very wise (rather than going with the first one you come across) in order to get a feel for their level of experience.  Whether it is with PCB population, PCB bare board manufacture, pick and place, electronics machinery, soldering etc. and prices. 

Generally comparing 3-4 different agencies with sector knowledge is advised in order to get the best agency.

Compare Multiple Prices

There is no standard to the costs of PR, all agencies set their own rates (normally depending on their overheads and profit margins). 

Generally the larger the firm (like top PR agencies in London) the more they charge.  As they have high overheads, high staff costs and high profit margins.  Freelancers charge less as they have lower overheads.

By shopping around and comparing 3-4 electronics experienced agencies you should be able to get an idea of a reasonable price to pay for coverage.

No-one likes overspending and adding to someone else’s next holiday, and while paying for quality is wise, you never really know until the agency produces the goods.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best agency for the lowest price.  PR for electronics companies does not need to be expensive, for any electronics company.

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