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Telemarketing for facilities management companies has been used for decades now, really because it is so effective in generating results.  

Many facilities management companies do not have the resource of telemarketing and lead generation in house, so outsourcing is the perfect solution.  

However, finding an agency from the hundreds there are in the country is a tough task.  

Finding an experienced agency is key.  

That is where we come in, to help get quotes on telemarketing for facilities management companies.

Rather than spending time on google yourself, let us do the leg work.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from agencies  that know about the facilities management sector.

Facilities Management In The UK

It is all about looking after building services.  

You have a building, you need to look after it.

All buildings/offices need to have someone look after their sites for a wide range of issues that can and do crop up:

  • Building Work
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Security

Many businesses will either employ a Facilities Manager, or outsource the management to a management company.

The company would then manage the various suppliers and contractors ensuring that work is done on time and that costs where possible can be reduced.

Calling In The Sector

Many FM companies will use this in order to generate sales leads.

By cold calling offices and talking to the site managers/owners you can see if there are any opportunities of outsourcing work.

Outbound calling is a tough job and would involve the following process:

  • Sourcing a list of prospects to call
  • Researching to find the contacts within the data
  • Contacting each one
  • Introducing the service and fact finding
  • Send information and follow up
  • Close

This process will take time, for any sales person doing this process could take a matter of weeks.

Results really will be down to how competent the agency is, how good the agent calling is, and how good they are at lead generation.

Compare Multiple Telemarketing Prices

Telemarketing prices vary considerably, as all companies are independent and set their own fees.  

Like any price comparison website, we help you compare quotes.

There are a wide number of companies that can offer this.  

However it is advised to select one that has a track record of telemarketing for facilities management companies previously.  It is hard work and there is a lot of leg work involved (as the bullet list shows).

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