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Advertising for shops

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Advertising for shops is essential to survival in today’s climate.  The retail sector in the UK is quickly moving from the high street to online as the shopping habits of people adapt.  For shops on the high street, this can be challenging, but certainly a challenge that can be made successful.  When considering advertising for shops, we do encourage you using advertising agencies that have experience in doing advertising for shops and retail companies.

Did your shop want to advertise in the local press, or nationally?  The UK has hundreds of different creative agencies, ranging from small to large with very much mixed sector experience.  Selecting an agency that knows the retail industry is not just wise but essential.
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The Need To Advertise

One of the main industries to advertise in today’s society is the retail industry, whether it is supermarkets, clothing companies, perfume companies,  shops are one of the main industries that are using promotion to market their products.  Some shops in the past have done some brilliant advertising campaigns.

As mentioned, the growth of the online shopping industry has ballooned in recent years, so online shops like Amazon have started advertising a lot in the UK (on TV, digital advertising billboards etc.).

Advertising is all about communicating a message, communicating the brand and encouraging customers to buy into the brand of the business (whether it is a supermarket such as Morrisons, or a clothing retailer such as M&S).  There are many mediums, some of which are listed below.

TV Adverts

Advertising for shops is popular on TV.  This industry is one of the main sectors (along with the financial industry) to use  television to promote.  Consider some of the adverts from supermarkets, M&S, Gucci, Calvin Klein they all use TV advertising to communicate and showcase their products and services, to build their brand and cause brand awareness.

Billboard Promotion

Banner adverts and billboard advertising is popular for shops, supermarkets etc. as it provides a highly visual reminder of the brand and product.  Billboards and visual adverts are also used in places such as train stations, London tube stations etc. as it reinforces the shops brand and product line.

Radio Slots

The main retail companies to use radio advertising are the supermarkets, and only really in recent months have they started to use radio slots to encourage shoppers that their supermarket offers the highest quality and cheapest foods.  Radio commercials can be targeted, but as most retail companies are national, location does not matter as much as exposure.

Internet Advertising

Advertising for shops is very popular online.  The internet is fast becoming the new high street.  Amazon deliveries by drones are starting to happen.  Many shops in the UK only advertise on the internet.  Using PPC advertising is popular, but expensive, shops like Asos rely on it.  Social media marketing is also very popular with retail companies, as a low cost form of advertising.

Choosing An Agency

When shops are considering using an agency for a campaign (whatever medium is used), it is very wise to select one that has a background in the retail industry.  If the agency has prior retail marketing experience, they should be able to pick the campaign up and run with it (as opposed to being on a learning curve as they find their feet in the industry.  There are many advertising agencies with retail marketing experience, so it is just a case of talking to a few and comparing quotes.

Meet The Agency

For any retail business (large or small) arranging a meeting is important in order to really get to know the agency and what they can offer.  A meeting gives the chance to meet the team, chat through objectives and strategies that may not be covered via e-mail or on the phone.

Compare Quotes From Different Experts

When considering using an creative agency, it is very wise to bear in mind that all advertising companies are privately owned and as such they are profit making businesses.  They have staff that need salaries, bonuses, Christmas parties, cars, houses, holiday’s etc. therefore shopping around and getting quotes could save thousands (or even tens of thousands of pounds).

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