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Branding for florists is important in the ever more competitive flower industry.  

As we see new flower ordering websites set up, branding for florists needs to be good.

Why not speak with local branding agencies that have experience in doing branding for florists?

Is Branding For Florists Needed?

The brand is important for your company, as it is for any other customer focused business.  If people want to buy cheap flowers, then they will go to the supermarket, or petrol station.  

They come to you as they want to get quality flowers that are better quality and will last longer (maybe they want exotic types of flower).  

Your brand needs to speak to clients that you are different and attractive.  You are also competing against established brands such as Interflora and Bunches.

How Much Does It Cost?

Brand development does not have to be very expensive, it really depends on the agency that is selected.  There are thousands of branding companies around the UK to select from.  

Choosing the right one is important. 

Some top branding agencies in London can be very expensive, whereas a small bespoke design studio will be very cheap. 

Price is partly based on their experience, but also their profit margins.

Choosing A Designer

As there are tens of thousands of branding companies around the UK, it does make good sense to select one that has experience in this sector.  

If they have experience, and have done design work for florists in the past, they will have a better idea of what works, and what does not. 

Selecting an agency that has experience in marketing for florists will ensure they create an effective brand for you.  Branding for florists needs an experienced designer.

Why Not Get A Few Quotes?

We do advise getting a few quotes from different companies to compare, that way you will get an idea of different designs and ideas (and prices).  As a price comparison website, we can help you quickly.

Branding prices will vary significantly from agency to agency.  Ask to look at their client lists and ask for a design proposal.  

Shop around and compare quotes, branding for florists does not need to be expensive.

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