Compare Telemarketing Prices

Looking To Compare Telemarketing Prices

If you are looking to compare telemarketing prices, just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local telemarketing agencies.  With over 450 telemarketing agencies in the UK, ranging from small companies that have just started up (with 1 or 2 agents) to larger call centres that have years of marketing experience.  The alternative to compare telemarketing prices is to go onto google and go through all the agencies one by one.

How Much Does Telemarketing Cost?

Telemarketing prices do vary, deepening on the agency that is selected.  They also vary depending on the experience of the agency.  New telemarketing companies that have just started up tend to charge a low price, as they have lower overheads.  Also they want to get new clients under their belts.

Telemarketing agencies charge based on the following:

  • Pay Per Call
  • Pay Per Hour
  • Pay Per Day
  • Pay Per Month

The most popular calling prices are based on the pay per day structure, and this varies from around £150 up to around £700.  This is a good reason to shop around and compare telemarketing prices.

The cost varies depending on the telemarketing companies experience (if they are working from home or a large agency with hundreds of staff) and their profit margins.

All telemarketing agencies are privately owned and need to generate profit for cars, houses, holidays etc.

Why Do You Need To Compare Telemarketing Prices

Finding the right telemarketing agency is important, someone that is reliable, can produce results and not charge you the earth.  Unfortunately not all agencies can do this, for a few reasons:

  • They employ staff that are just doing a job (and do not care)
  • They just want money
  • They have no experience
  • They work hard, but are just not good at telemarketing

Price comparison is popular these days and price comparison websites exist for all kinds of products and services. Telesales is one of the services you can get quotes on today (by completing the form opposite).  Compare telemarketing prices by filling in the form opposite.

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