How Much Does Telemarketing Cost

Many businesses ask how much does telemarketing cost.  The truth is that the costs vary, from day rates of £150 up to over £600.  There are also different models that telemarketing cost is based on.  This could be a monthly retainer, a day rate or even a cost per appointment.  If you are looking into telemarketing prices, why not fill in the form to get quotes and advice on telemarketing?

How Much Does Telemarketing Cost Me?

This is a question that many businesses do ask, how much does telemarketing cost me? Does it work on a per day basis, a per month, what about commission only telemarketing?

The answer is that there are over 600 telemarketing companies around the UK and each one does work in a slightly different way.

The Setup Of Agencies

All telemarketing companies are different.  Some are large call centers (that may have 500+ staff taking/making calls all day) and some are freelancers that work from home making sales calls.

So depending on what you are looking for, you need to choose the right ‘type’ of  agency for your needs.  Are you going to have low call numbers, high call numbers, 1 person taking/making calls or 20 peoplle taking/making calls?

All these effect the telemarketing cost to you.

Shop Around And Compare Quotes

All agencies charge differenetly, some charge per call, some per day, some per month. Therefore the costs do vary from all agencies, getting quotes is the only solution.

Why Do Telemarketing Costs Vary?

All agencies are privatly owned, therefore they all set their own prices.  It could be someone that has just gone freelance and working from home.  They charge £150 per day (plus VAT) to get themselves established and get clients onboard.  It could be a large call center with a good client base charging £550 per day (plus VAT) as they have the database, the setup, the reporting systems, the resrouces etc.  telemarketing cost does vary from agency to agency and there is no charge model.

Higher Telemarketing Costs Does Not Guarantee Results

If you select an expensive telemarketing company, this will not mean they will produce better results. They may have more experience, they may have the databases in place, but there are variables that will affect the results.  The telemarketing cost to you will be higher, but results may not necessarily be higher.

It is important to shop around and compare telemarketing prices, meet with telemarketing companies and ask them about their track record.  Can they offrer any guarantees, can they offer any free days (for you to test them out) can they show you results from businesses like yours in the past?

The Next Step

Rather than spending time going through websites on google, just fill in the form and we will help you find the best agency with the lowest telemarketing cost.

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