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PPC advertising for banks is essential in our new online world.  

Certainly you do use paid advertising for one very important reason- marketing and exposure.  

There are a lot of companies in this industry and around the UK (and overseas) that offer banking services to UK customers.  

Domestic, commercial, offshore, business banking, to customers that are looking for help with managing their finances.  Only a certain number of you can get onto page 1 of the search engines (for a wide variety of search phrases and keywords they are targeting:

  • Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Student Overdraft
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance

Therefore it is necessary for you to advertise on search engines, affiliate websites, social media sites and news websites.

Targeting Of PPC Advertising For Banks

You use paid advertising for two reasons:

  • Marketing Exposure (on social media websites like Linkedin or TikTok)
  • For lead generation and targeted marketing (on main search engines)

PPC advertising for banks is used in a different way to many other companies such as engineering firms, medial equipment manufacturers, solicitors.  In that you need to keep your brand within the public’s mind.  Natwest are using Tiktok a lot, other banks such as Coutts do not use it at all.

But also target new customers and encourage borrowing, and saving.  The campaign does need to be run around any campaigns on SEO for banks.

Advertising On Social Media

Social media websites (like Facebook) exist due to paid advertising from institutions such as banks and financial groups.  

The main reason is that they can get their brand and name in front of billions of users each day, and each of those users will be potential customers.  So the adverts are themselves very targeted, providing both brand exposure and targeted advertising.

Advertising On Search Engines

Banks need to use paid advertising on search engines in order to capture new customers.  If banks do not use paid advertising, others will.  

They cannot just rely on TV adverts, shop front visitors and reputation to draw in new customers.  But spending millions on paid advertising is the newest form of marketing.

Choosing A Company To Handle PPC Advertising For Banks

You are different to many companies, in that you have unlimited resources for advertising; however getting the best company to manager your campaigns is important.  

When getting a campaign set up, there are a few considerations that need to be taken into account:

  • The keywords being targeted
  • The placement (where on the target page) of the adverts
  • What the adverts say (the wording of the adverts)
  • The landing page customers will come to
  • Tracking and repeat adverts (if a visitor clicks on an advert, the IP is logged and remembered)

There are hundreds of specialist agencies around the UK (freelancers, large companies) that offer paid management services.  

Talking to an agency that knows about marketing for banks is important.  They should be able to get you results quicker.  

For you it is wise to choose one that has managed campaigns (successfully) for financial institutions in the past.

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