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Within the UK, there are over 2,000 branding agencies, from freelancers to top brand agencies in London working with global brands.

Branding is all about making your business stand out, for the right reasons.  Creating a great brand starts at the drawing board.  Thinking about what your business offers, the industry you offer it in, and what sets you apart from your competitors.  Branding is about communicating a message to your audience.

The world’s largest brands did not just stumble across their logo and brand identity – they were carefully crafted.  Consider some of the world’s leading brands (Amazon, McDonalds, Fed Ex), each has a brand and logo that is distinctive (and sometimes contains a subliminal message).

Hiring a branding agency ensures that you are best-placed to appeal to your target audience and stand out from the crowd.

Just fill in a few quick details and get 5 free quotes from local branding agencies who are keen to work with your business. There’s no obligation to choose any of the agencies who contact you, though we’re confident that you’ll be introduced to an agency who is right for your business.

What do branding agencies do?

Branding is more than just creating a new website or new company literature – it is creating a reputation and creating emotions in customers.  Branding agencies help to craft a brand image and identity, whether this be for a new company, or a rebrand of an existing company. This image and identity is then used within a company’s marketing efforts to reach its audience with strong, consistent messaging.

How can a branding agency help your business?

A branding agency will help develop your image and identity to stand out from your competitors, and they’ll have experience in launching and growing brands.

They’ll have the resources to conduct market research in your industry and across your competitors, to reliably inform what your customers expect of your business and the type of brand that would be required to best achieve your goals.

Branding agencies also have experienced designers to create work of the highest standard, to be used across all marketing activity, and to stand the test of time. They can also roll this on throughout all your marketing material; ensuring consistency of your brand and messaging.

Compare quotes from all marketing companies you talk to before deciding on which one is the right fit for your particular brand.

What services do branding agencies offer?

Branding agencies offer a variety of different services, including:

  • Marketing & research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand launching/re branding
  • Professional logo design
  • Web design

Do I need a branding agency or can I do it myself?

Branding agencies are experienced in a wide range of skills and disciplines, such as graphic and web design, and market research, which would be difficult to cover whilst also running the day-to-day side of your business.

The full process of a branding project will cover analysis (consumer, competitor and market research), strategy (brand positioning and personality) and implementation (using the brand across all media – websites, business cards etc). There are a huge number of considerations when it comes to your branding, and a branding agency is often best-placed to manage this.

What questions should I bear in mind when hiring a branding agency?

1. What is your measure of success for a branding campaign?

You want to hire a branding agency that knows how it measures success, and can relate this back to your business goals. Branding for the sake of branding is useless; you need an agency that will run a campaign to deliver a strong return on investment.

2.  What interests you about working with my brand?

You need to make sure that a potential branding agency understands your business and displays a real enthusiasm to work with your brand. Consider agencies which put the effort in when getting in contacting you.

3.  Which brands have you worked with in the past, and currently work with?

While your budget may not stretch to hiring a branding agency that has worked with the world’s biggest brand, it is worthwhile asking whether the agency you’re thinking of hiring has worked with any brands that you’ve heard of. Do any of those campaigns stick in your mind? If they were memorable, you know that the agency can deliver a compelling campaign.

4. Have you worked with any similar brands in my industry? How will you differentiate my campaign from theirs?

On one hand, if a branding agency has experience working with similar brands, their experience will be useful to you. However on the other hand, you want to know that a branding campaign they create and execute for you will be unique and help you stand out from your competitors. Find out how they plan to do that.

5. Do you have any examples of where you’ve managed to change people’s opinion or perception of a brand?

Some companies receive a bad reputation, for a number of reasons. It is a testament to the skills of the branding agency if they have been able to change perceptions of a company in the public eye. While this won’t necessarily be a requirement for the branding agency you’re looking to hire, it would be an impressive trait for them to have.

Compare Branding Prices

All branding agencies set their own fees, so it is wise to shop around and compare branding prices.  This way you get different design concepts, different approaches to your message and different prices to compare.

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Select Your Service And Get Advice, Help And Quotes From registered businesses
20+6 =
Or Call 01256 810 110
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