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With hundreds of PPC agencies around the UK, we advise using someone local to manage your paid advertising campaigns.

In the UK there are over 500 PPC companies, ranging from freelancers up to top London marketing agencies working with top global brands.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a PPC agency, read our helpful information below.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a quick way to reach a relevant audience on major search engines, and can be very cost-effective when implemented and managed correctly.

You only pay when someone clicks on your advert, so by using the correct combination of keywords, ad messaging, and landing page, you’ll should only attract visitors who are interested in your product or service and who are more motivated to convert.

This is the main difference of PPC advertising over more traditional media – campaigns are highly targeted and lead to the desired outcome, whether that be conversions (in the form of sales, data capture, registrations, etc) or for branding purposes. You can control exactly your PPC spend, and campaigns can be stopped and started immediately.

How can a PPC agency help your business?

As your customers increasingly spend more of their time online, it makes sense to reach them on the internet. A PPC agency will help you plan and execute an effective online advertising campaign that will reach your customers with relevant messaging.

The expertise and time available to a PPC agency is what makes them an effective solution. While it costs more to hire an agency than to do PPC advertising yourself, the value of time saved and the increase in ROI will outweigh the costs involved.

Find out more on how does PPC work.

What services do PPC agencies offer?

PPC agencies offer a wide range of services, from account audits and consultations, to full account build and management.

Most PPC agencies offer a full range of services. Broadly these will cover:

  • Account build/restructure – for the most effective & manageable campaign structure
  • Keyword research and optimisation – to find the most relevant customers
  • Budget and bid optimisation – to maximise ROI
  • Ad and landing page testing – to optimise conversion rate
  • Reporting – to showcase campaign effectiveness and drive the account forward

Some agencies can also run display adverts for you – these being advertising on sites other than search engines. Most commonly these will be in the form of image or animated adverts. Some agencies will have their own in-house designers to make these adverts for you, so let them know if this is a requirement.

The aim of all PPC activity should be aligned to meet your business goals, and a good agency will operate with a “business owner mentality” – treating your account as if it were their own company.

Do I need a PPC agency or can I do it myself?

The fundamentals of PPC are fairly easy to grasp, and there is a wealth of information about the topic online. However there is a vast difference between an averagely run PPC account and an excellently run one.

Account management is a full time job, with great time and effort required to optimise campaigns so that they deliver the best results possible. There are almost endless ways to improve campaigns, from rigorous ad testing, bid optimisation, and landing page testing, to keyword expansion and refinement, ad scheduling and optimising geographic targeting.

By hiring an agency to run your account for you, it frees up your time to manage other areas of your business, while delivering a greater ROI.

What questions should I bear in mind when hiring a PPC agency?

To help you choose the best PPC agency for your business, consider asking the following questions to any agency you’re thinking of working with.

1)  Do you charge a commission on advertising spend?

Some agencies will charge a percentage fee on all money spent on paid advertising. We’d recommend hiring an agency that doesn’t do this, because the commission gives them an incentive to spend as much money as possible, which is likely to lead to a sacrifice in the quality and relevance of visitors to your site.

2)  What length of contract do you offer?

An agency that is confident in its ability to deliver you results should not try to tie you down into a lengthy contract. Quality of results should be the driving force for you to continue to work with a PPC agency, and a good agency will be willing to negotiate a contract that both of you are happy with.

3)  How many years of experience do you have? Are the team Google AdWords certified?

While the age of the company does not necessarily mean better PPC management – although you’d expect a correlation – it is important to know which team members will be working on your account. Will senior PPC analysts have day-to-day exposure to your account or will it be managed largely by junior staff?

You should also ensure that the team working on your account are Google AdWords certified, so that you know they’re knowledgeable with industry account management.

4)  How often will I be updated on progress? Will I have independent access to data?

A good agency should provide you with regular reports on account activity and progress. Weekly and/or monthly reporting would be ideal, along with ad hoc updates on anything urgently important that happens with the account.

It’s important to bear in mind however that decisions should be made with a statistically significant amount of data. Making too many changes to your account too quickly, and based on a data set that doesn’t cover a great enough time period, can do more harm than good. There will be natural variations in metrics due to differences in human behaviour, seasonality, and even external factors such as the weather.

The agency should be transparent, and allow you access to data either in Google AdWords or Analytics so that you can take a look at data as you wish.

5)  Can you share some specific examples of improved client results?

You want to choose an agency with a proven track record of results. Ask them which clients they currently work with and to showcase some of the good results they’ve had.

It’s also worth asking whether they work with, or have worked with, a client in a similar industry to your own business before, as this may mean that they have a better understanding of how to manage your chosen keywords.

For more information on choosing an agency, read our PPC Tips.


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