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Telemarketing will help you find new business opportunities by expanding your customer base to increase sales.

To start creating new business opportunities for your business simply tell us your needs and get five free quotes from local telemarketing agencies who are eager to work with you to grow your business.  There’s no obligation to choose an agency, though with hundreds of professional telemarketing agencies on our books we are sure you’ll find the right agency for your business.

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What do telemarketing agencies do?

Telemarketing agencies can help you sell your products or services, find new customers, and place your business face to face in front of new clients. They will help you define your market place and will work to understand your position and USPs compared to your competitors.


How can a telemarketing agency help your business?

Telemarketing is one of the oldest and most popular marketing techniques to grow your business for the simple reason that it works. You might think that calling up leads is a simple task which doesn’t require an agency. However to make sales over the phone requires skill and experience to ensure that you are targeting the right audience and leveraging opportunities.


Do I need a telemarketing agency or can I do it myself?

On the surface, calling up a list of contacts seems like a simple task and one which could easily be handled yourself. This process is however extremely time consuming, and coupled with the day to day running of your business you will probably begin to put this on the back burner. Hiring an agency will ensure you are continuously finding new sales opportunities, when one call is over they will be straight on to the next contact.

Even if you did find the time to call leads, mastering the ability to convince your contact to make a sale or to come meet you is difficult. An agency will use their experience and expertise to ensure that you are maximising every opportunity once you have a contact on the phone.


What questions should I bear in mind when hiring a telemarketing agency?

Do you use scripts when calling contacts?

When you meet your agency you will need to ensure you are getting the most leverage from their database. Some agencies use scripts to communicate with potential leads, and these have been designed to gain the most leverage from a conversation. Other agencies will prefer to use script-less telemarketing techniques so that they are able to have a more fluid conversation with the recipient and have the freedom to respond to their questions. It is important that you choose the right method to suit your business needs.

Do you have the capability to sell in other countries?

Some agencies can create global opportunities as they have a multi-lingual team. If your business runs on a global scale you might want to consider hiring an agency which is fluent in a variety of languages to expand your international reach.

Will you put a strategy together for my business?

Calling up a list of people will only be effective if the contacts have the potential to be interested in your brand. An agency should be able to help you identify your target audience and find the best method for contact to ensure that you are getting the most return on your telemarketing investment.

Do you have any testimonials from other clients you have worked with?

It is always worth meeting an agency and visiting their office as this can help you get a feeling for who they are and give you the opportunity to ask who else they have worked with. This will help you assess the performance level of their company and if they are achieving a positive ROI for their current clients.



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Select Your Service And Get Advice, Help And Quotes From registered businesses
5+3 =
Or Call 01256 810 110
and talk to our helpful team