Advice For Telemarketing Companies

Some Helpful Advice For Telemarketing CompaniesHere Is Some Advice For Telemarketing Companies

All telemarketing companies need to reflect on some home truths, go back to the basics, some advice on telemarketing from the experts.  

We at Marketing Quotes aim to help all lead generation agencies to be better at what they do.  

Focus on the industry sectors they are strong in.  Look after the clients they, making sure the clients are successful.  If you want some up to date lead generation tips, this may be relevant.

Before starting telemarketing, take a deep breath.  Some advice for telemarketing companies is below.

The Truth

It can be a difficult job and can at times be an uphill struggle; sometimes results are hard to generate.  

People are often out of the office, in meetings, not available, so it is hard to generate sales leads

Clients who are paying their hard earned money are looking for results but sometimes it is difficult to produce them, especially if people are not there to talk to.

This job can sometimes be like ‘pushing water up hill’ however anyone that has tried it can empathise.  It is difficult, the rude people that you sometimes come across, getting the run around from secretaries.

Getting messages from colleagues that ‘oh, sorry they are not in the office today’ but you can hear them in the background – we have all been there.  

Remember, telemarketing preparation can make of break your day.

Some Helpful Advice For Agencies

  • Try doing a competition in your team

How about writing up a series of phrases that your team all has to get through during the day. 

Phrases that are not really ‘normal’ during a normal conversation. 

Phrases such as ‘great big pink elephant’ or ‘chocolate wagon wheels’ would be inserted into conversations where possible.  The first member of the team that manages to complete the list of phrases first wins a prize or incentive. 

Just ensure that you are still professional and are not causing embarrassment to the clients brand.

  • Try switching desks

Having a new outlook from where you sit day after day does change things.  We are all used to coming in every day, getting out first drink of the day, switching on the same computer and bashing on to get the best results possible. 

But changing the routine can (maybe) add a new lease of life.  Change is as good as a holiday and that sort of thing.

  • Try an accent

Have a go at swapping telemarketing accents when talking to people (as long as your call is professional).  Maybe someone in your team has got an accent that you can try copying. 

As long as you can pull it off and not endanger the call, then have a go; but do not try this if you are going to laugh or effect the brand of the client.

  • Get some fresh air, kick the leaves

It has been said that taking off your shoes, walking around some grass and cicking the leaves can help relax you.  Sales Trainers often advise wacky things like this to get some escapism from the norm.

Many telemarketing companies make mistakes by not following these simple guidelines.

Try Something New

Some helpful advice for the agencies is to be creative.  Anyone that has tried outbound calling will agree is hard work. 

Each day is different yet all days are the same. 

It is good talking to new people and having fresh challenges, however working on the same problems as yesterday can be hard work and sometimes difficult to be self motivated (which is something you really do need for this job).

If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

This is something that many sales motivators do quote, and they are right. Trying a new approach often can give you a new perspective on the campaign you are doing.  

Everyone has their own ways of doing phone calling, what works for one person may not work for another. 

Different people have different approaches, sometimes a cheeky approach may work for one person but die a death for another. 

However changing the way that you approach things sometimes can change your results. Whether it is your approach, introduction, sales pitch or close doing something new may just help you and may just affect your results. 

If you do not try, you will never know.  Some advice to agencies is to look into GDPR.  Are you compliant?

For more telemarketing top tips, we are here to help.

Advise To The Team Leaders

As you know, this is a difficult job, so keeping your team motivated is a job in itself. 

Ask your manager for ideas on how to keep motivation going throughout the day.  Whether it is by introducing silly games or actual incentives that are related to days out or cash bonuses over and above the norm. 

As a lead generation agency you are in the same situation as everyone else in the UK doing calling, you are not alone.

Compare Quotes

As with any price comparison website, comparing agencies is no different.  

As telemarketing prices vary so much around the UK, comparing quotes is essential.  

Some advice for telemarketing companies at this point, is to make sure you have a USP. For advice from expert agencies in the UK, fill in the form and we will do the rest.

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