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There are over 2,000 branding agencies in London.  These range from large design agencies that work with global brands, to freelancers that work from home.  With so many branding companies in London to choose from, finding the right agency is daunting. That is where we can help, by getting you quotes from 5 branding agencies in London that know your industry sector.  Just fill out the form and we will get you fee quotes and advice to compare, just like any price comparison website.  Try typing ‘branding companies in London’ into google and you will find thousands of results.
Branding companies in London

Design Skills In The Area

With thousands of marketing agencies in London, you need to be careful when looking for an agency. There are a lot of companies that offer ‘remote addresses’ so that branding companies in London are actually based in Ireland, India, or the USA.  They can have a London postcode and address and a virtual office.  This is why doing research and meeting the agency is essential. As there is such a diversity of skills around London, there are a lot of very talented design people.  Sometimes working with a freelancer or smaller studio is better and cheaper.

Visit The Designer

As you are less than 20 miles from your creative agency, it is wise to meet up with them. It is sometimes hard to know whether the branding agencies in London you are looking at is based in London, or is actually an Indian company with a virtual office!  Websites can say one thing but may not be accurate.  The Indian company may have a UK address and a website; but not be based here. This is a major reason for visiting any branding agencies in London.  To ensure that they are what they claim on their website, that they are based where they say they are.  Many will claim to have won awards, visiting them will allow you to check this is correct. Another reason for visiting is to get a better understanding of the agency.  By them getting to know more about you, your business and objectives should mean them doing a better job.  It is easy for a company to work via e-mail.   However at a face to face meeting they do need to give 100% concentration to your campaign.  Not great for them, as it takes more time, but much better for you. This is why we always advise meeting up with local branding agencies in London.  To ensure that they are what they claim.  Also to show them that you are going to be keeping tabs on their progress of your creative brief.

Local Branding Companies In London

Choosing the right size of agency is important.  As all branding companies in London are different sizes (some small, some international) finding one that will suit your business is important. One reason would be cost, the larger the agency the more their fees will be.  Another would be resource.  If you are a global company, you may need other marketing support services.  Services like website design, advertising, media relations alongside the branding project you contacted them about.

Industry Focus

Most  branding companies in London have an industry focus.  A speciality they have got into.  Maybe they have worked with a lot of sports firms, so are experts at branding for sports companies.  Unless you are a sports brand, you may need to look elsewhere. Industry focus is important, if they know your industry, they will know your customer base. Branding prices do vary, so shopping around is important.  All agencies are independent, so set their own fee structure (which does vary a lot).

Quality Of Designers In The City

London is known around the world for its quality, for refinement and this no different with marketing.  The skill level of marketing agencies is higher than many other regions of the UK.   Partly this is down to the fact that the city draws the top skills from around the UK but also top firms want to be based in the nations heart.

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