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Compare Quotes On Telemarketing For CharitiesCould Telemarketing Help Your Charity?

Telemarketing for charities is an important part of the fund raising process.  

If your charity needs calling support, we can help you get quotes. 

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What Does Telemarketing For Charities Do?

Even for charities in the spotlight such as Children In Need, outbound calling is an important part of the marketing drive.

Not just in the fund raising process, charities (especially the larger ones) do receive a lot of calls from their advertising campaigns.  Or any other kinds of publicity that are running for the charity as a whole.

Normally most do use inbound telemarketing  to cover a wide range of calling types:

  • Donations to be taken on the phone
  • Calls about the day to day running of the charity
  • Complaints
  • Sales calls

Handling Advertising Calls

Many charities use TV advertising to generate media exposure and increase awareness of their cause.  As such call handling is needed to handle responses from television campaigns.

Many cannot afford to advertise on TV but do use other forms of advertising in order to generate exposure.  But these advertising campaigns do need to have staff available to handle incoming calls.

Outbound Calling

From time to time, there are advertising campaigns that do warrent outbound calling

Some charities do target businesses to generate sponsorships or direct appeals; and would use telemarketing for charities to cold call.

Who Offers This Service?

There are a few marketing agencies around the UK that do work specifically for charities and non profit organisations. 

Depending on budget, some (that generally do not do calling for charities) will consider taking on calling work, but only if the budget is right.

Compare Multiple Prices On Telemarketing For Charities

Price comparison websites have been around for many years now, you can now compare this in the same way.  

Why is telemarketing expensive, it is because people are involved.

Telemarketing prices do vary from agency to agency.  Just fill in the form to get quotes to compare today.

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